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We are pleased to announce that i-Tender is now mobile, Get new Tender notifications when and where you really need them, directly to your mobile phone. Never miss out on a Tender briefing again. Post your services in the forum and be a part of i-Tender revolution.

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i-Tender Features

i-Tender is packed with features to help you manage your business

Instant Notifications

Get notifications instantly on your mobile phone wherever you are.

Service Forum

Buy and sell, looking for a JV Partner or even an investor? Then i-Tender is for you, easily connect with like minded people.

Tender Calendar

View all your Tender briefings and closing dates on your personalised calendar.

Customise Your Criteria

Customise your searches so you only recieve the Tenders you want.

About i-Tender

i-Tender is the preferred Tender notification service in South Africa

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Our Story

Have you ever missed a Tender briefing? Have you been 2 minutes late for a closing date? If so then i-Tender is for you.

We at i-Tender know the frustration in missing out on that next big contract, we searched the Internet for a service to help us in our day-to-day Tender operations but found nothing.

Then i-Tender was born. In the few short months that i-Tender has been in operation we have had 1000’s of registrations, countless e-mails of praise from our customers and numerous 5 star ratings on the Playstore.

At i-Tender we know that getting reliable, fast, up-to-date information is key to a successful business. But it doesn’t stop there, we have built in a Service Forum where you can advertise your service or products to like minded individuals. Maybe you need finance? Then post your contract and grow, what about a Joint Venture Partner? Hire out your yellow plant, or even assist upcoming SMMEs the sky is the limit.

i-Tender is a product of Xarex (PTY) Ltd, a South African registered company with a BBB-EE level 2.

Tenders Available

Some statistics on Tenders available on i-Tender

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Hints on tendering

A few Tips and Tricks from the experts at i-Tender

Basic Tips on Tendering

Get the Tender Documents

As soon as you have identified a Tender that interests you, get the documents as soon as you can. This will give you and your team time to prepare your submission. The more time you spend on your submission the better chance you have of winning the Tender.

Check Your Prices

Simple enough but so important, if you price too high or too low your bid will be unresponsive, make sure to indicate any discounts you will give and make 100% sure you double check all your calculations. Your price cannot be increased after your award.

Follow the Instructions

Read through the tender very carefully and if it’s a big one, list all the items that you must provide and gather them together methodically, as you get everything ready tick them off your checklist and remember to include everything in your submission.

Check the Dates

Make sure you check and double check important dates, Briefing session and closing dates. if you are late even by a single minute your Tender will be disqulified.

Common Mistakes

Tax Clearance

The most common mistake that companies make when tendering is not submitting a valid tax clearance certificate. Make sure that you have a tax clearance for "Tender" and NOT "Good Standing" make sure that it is still valid at the date of the tender closing. Not including a Valid Tax clearance will result in immediate disqualification.

Missing Information

For example: missing appendices. Simply put, if something is missing it cannot get marked! Sometimes you may get a second chance to provide whatever is missing but it’s unlikely. After all, If you can’t put a complete bid together what’s your work going to be like?

Forgetting to Sign

Not signing the document is a common mistake, it shows that you have not read the tender, initial every page in the document and sign fully where asked, also remember to sign fully on the pricing schedule to show that you agree with the pricing. Not signing in the correct places will deem your tender to be unresponsive.

Including Unnecessary Information

Try to keep your tender short and to the point. The reader will most likely have a whole pile of tenders on their desk, so the ones that get to the point quickly will make a good impression.

i-Tender Stats

Some simple statistics about i-Tender, Join now and never miss a Tender opportunity again.

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Latest Tenders

Below is a sample of some of the amazing Tenders that are currently active on the i-Tender service.



Request for the Mechanical Preparation and Digging of Graves in the Langeberg Municipal Cemeteries Until 30 June 2022”


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